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Martin Harris mharris02
Thu Mar 19 11:07:59 CDT 2009

   Missouri State and Drury are co-hosting the National Forensics Association tournament. While this is an IE tournament, they do have one person policy using a modified LD format. Rounds typically take no more than an hour and are scattered around other IE rounds. The topic this year should be familiar to some, it is R: the USFG should substantially increase its constructive engagement with Cuba. The main difference between their approach and the "rogues/sanctions" topic is without the lift sanctions requirement, there are a lot fewer embargo affs.  

   Pay is not substantial, the schedule is pretty light though, and Drury is willing to negotiate (sharing requirements for sure) on housing terms if needed. Plus, all the cool MoState kids (some recent graduates) will be there to hang out with. Below is the boiler plate judge recruitment letter. Couple notes of importance, 1) the "full" commitment would include IE rounds. For coaches, they usually allow you to "prefer" certain events (extempt and impromptu for instance). Don't know what they allow for hires, but I imagine a per rnd person could create as many constraints as needed. 2) Ignore the required training session part. That is for "lays". 3) LD allows NO decision disclosure. They are serious about this, so please don't do it. LD is still an IE event to them. Hence they treat many conventions the same as the rest of the IEs. 4) There are rules. They aren't that constraining in my mind, but I didn't think ADA rules were all that bad either. A lot of these people (MoSo, CMSU, West Ky, Colorado College, USAFA...), are ex team CEDA coaches/programs that wanted an alternative. They left the NDT/CEDA playground, I think people should respect theirs.  

   I am willing to answer questions, but if you are interested you should contact Dr. Gilstrap at the email below. I am just playing middle man on this one. I will probably resend after the NDT since I know most people are focused on both nationals left right now.

Martin Harris
Systems Engineer - Desktop Architecture
Drury University - Technology Services
900 N Benton Ave
Springfield, Missouri 65802
office:	417-873-7848
fax:	417-873-7835

Hello! We are pleased to announce that MSU & Drury University will be hosting the 2009 National Forensics Association's National (Intercollegiate) Speech & Debate Tournament.

The Competition spans April 16th-19th on MSU's campus and ends on Drury's campus on the 20th. As such, we are hiring critics for speaking and interpretive and debate events.

Critics MUST have a Bachelor's & volunteer for at least 1 whole competition day. 

Here is our compensation break down: *Full time judges will judge a total of 13-14 rounds and receive $150. (This commitment obligates you for all rounds Th-Sun.) OR *Part-time judges receive $10 for each round they judge. (4-8 rounds per day)

Notes: 1. A "round" is the timeframe in which you watch 5-7 performances and rate/rank them in comparison to one another.and fill out a ballot with helpful comments. Rounds usually last 1.5 hours though many are shorter. 2. You will only need pens and a timing device (and training) to judge! 3. The NFA organization pays you after judging is completed.
We will be hosting at least 3 training sessions the 2 weeks leading up to the event. We will email sign up sheets for these training sessions very soon. We do ask that all judges attend at least 1 training session.

Qualifications? Hold a BA/BS and attend at least 1 training session. 

If you would like to sign up to judge in the competition, please fill in the information below and send it back to Dr. Curt Gilstrap at cgilstrap at hotmail.com 


Day(s) you'd like to judge:  Th, Fri, Sat, Sun

You will receive a confirmation email! 

(Professor Gilstrap is the advisor for Drury Debate and the lead host for the national tournament this year.) 

Thanks a bunch! We hope you'll join us for the 2009 NFA tournament!

Curt Gilstrap, Ph.D. 
Director, Communication Graduate Program 
Assistant Professor of Communication 
Director/Advisor, Drury Debate Drury University

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