[eDebate] Law of the Sea -- caution encouraged

repkowil at msu.edu repkowil
Thu Mar 19 15:17:37 CDT 2009

I cannot describe how little time I have to get trapped into a meta-discussion about this (or how much I will utterly...and I mean ruthlessly and categorically...? ignore the conversation after this post), but the greatest LOST/politics card ever was written today. 

While it's a good card, we also thought it relevant to point-out *before* CEDA-NDT starts that it is from a student newspaper and that it appears as though the card is written by a member of that school's college debate team. 

To be clear, no accusations (at all) at the BC folks -- people can and should write about whatever they'd like in the school newspaper. This post is not defending censorship or questioning anyone's character.

It's more that sometimes it's pragmatic (and good) to have "Early Warning systems" and that it may be worth mentioning (before-the-tourneys) that teams have found this card and opted against reading it.


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