[eDebate] try speaking, not bowling

Old Strega oldstrega
Thu Mar 19 22:58:06 CDT 2009

the most recent obamaism is, of course, appalling.   abcnews got it right.   "the first appearance by a sitting president on the tonight show may well be the last."
the joke goes back to the campaign trail where hillary challenged him to a bowling match for the nomination.    
i ask you to switch the metaphor.   obama is the most teleprompter reliant president since the introduction of teleprompters.  yet, he has the false reputation as an orator.    speaking with a teleprompter is akin to speaking with a crutch highlighting the inability to go on your own.    the president is a symbol of a society reliant on the government as he is upon the teleprompter.    a society of special olympic citizens who "need" the government to make their decisions for them.    
the teleprompter crutch caused a big problem the other day with the irish prime minister when obama's speech was being re-read by his counterpart.

soetoro keeps trying to laugh it off.   sorry, buddy, it's not funny that you suck so bad.   one big speech on TV without a teleprompter, that's all i'm asking for.     who cares about your bowling?  you suck @ speaking without a teleprompter, robot.
so far, obama is obominable at his job.   worse than bush because rove ran the show.  definitely, faring worse than clinton.    a rookie worried about limbaugh.    
i'm glad they nailed geithner telling dodd to remove the addendum that would've cancelled the AIG bonuses.    the resignation'll be easy.   nobody else has been hired yet to work in the treasury department.  another fiasco.

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