[eDebate] NDT scouting information

Opsata, Becky BOpsata
Thu Mar 19 23:30:34 CDT 2009

I am pleased to be coordinating the scouting operation again this year at the NDT.  Abbey Schirmer from MSU will be my co-director this year.  I have 2 important scouting requests for everyone going to the NDT.
1) Please update your information on the wiki before you get to Austin.  If you read new stuff recently, please be sure it has made it to the wiki.  Those of you at CEDA this weekend, please send information to the wiki as well about what happens there. 
2)  If you are sending scouts: please email me with the names and email addresses for your scouts.  We will have a short orientation meeting for all scouts immediately after the opening ceremonies.  
Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the scouting!
Dr. Becky Opsata
Director of Forensics
Diablo Valley College
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