[eDebate] BmoreISYOURS.org seeks contributors

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Mar 22 21:16:07 CDT 2009

The website of the organiziation i work for has undergone a big change
recently, you can check it out at www.bmoreisyours.org

Starting in April we will be publishing not only the work of our staff, but
also the contributed work of supporters, volunteers, and community members.
If you have an interest in youth enterprise, community led revitalization,
urban education, technology or anything else YOURS does then we need you!
You can write a review, an article, an essay or whatever you like. If you
have an idea contact Andy Ellis <andy at bmoreyours.org> or leave a comment on
this page and we will work it out.

more information is available at

let me know if you are interested or have any questions
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