[eDebate] Judge travel plans

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Mon Mar 23 09:27:42 CDT 2009

We need to hear from every school in the tournament what there travel plans are for their judges.
It is our expectation that every judge in the pool is available through doubles this afternoon.  If you have judges who will NOT be here through doubles we need to know this ASAP.
It is our expectation that for every school remaining in the tournament, all of your judges are available for one round AFTER elimination.  If you have judges who will be leaving prior to fulfilling this potential commitment, we need to know.
Tuesday's rounds are critically important for all of the participants in them.  We assign five judges per debate to strike cards.  The quality of the pool available to those students is greatly enhanced if individuals whose travel plans permit are willing to remain in the pool for Tuesday rounds whether or not you are obligated.  As a result, we'd like to know everyone's Tuesday availability whether or not they are obligated.
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