[eDebate] Missing Team Info

Abby Schirmer abby.schirmer
Sat Mar 28 10:55:38 CDT 2009

We have some teams on the wiki who do not have any information from the
first three rounds at the NDT.  If you watched any of these debates and have
information/cites you could send please email it to ndtscout at gmai.com.
Anything you have would be helpful so we can fill out the information on the

Thanks in advance.

Baylor CM (AFF)
Dartmouth AH (Neg)
Dartmouth CR (AFF)
Georgia BL (AFF)
Harvard BP (NEG)
Harvard RS (NEG)
Iowa SV (AFF)
Liberty DG (AFF)
Kansas KQ (AFF)
Mac CP (AFF)
NW MS (neg)
Richmond FL (NEG)
Trinity BE (AFF)
Wake GL (NEG)

Abby Schirmer
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