[eDebate] Thanks to Horns, congrats to JHawks and Deacons

Josh jbhdb8
Tue Mar 31 15:15:03 CDT 2009


Just wanted to say thanks to Joel and all the Horns (yes, even Tiffee) for a
great time in Austin this weekend.  Things ran on time, food was plentiful,
the weather (compared to Michigan where it was snowing) was amazing, and
every Longhorn was helpful all the time.  Thanks so much!

Scott, Bricker, Johnson, and the KU coaches and crew.....CONGRATS....What a
great year and great tournament.  In particular congrats to my good friend
Scott Harris for finally getting the watch he richly deserved. Very happy
for you!!!!!!!!

Ross, JP, Lamball-eeee, Gannon and the Deacons crew - its an amazing
accomplishment to have gotten to finals twice.  You should be incredibly
proud of the consitency of performance and the excellence of your debating
and preperation.

Congrats to our District buddies MSU AW, MSU EB, NU FW, NU SM, for reaching
the outrounds and to Wayne PP, Miami VW, and especially NU FG for great
years and for qualifying and fierce competition at the NDT.
Congrats to all the senoirs and thanks for allowing me the pleasure of
judging you (even if I didnt)...Thanks for contributing to college debate
and I wish you luck in your future!

The world would be a less interesting place without people who challenge
what we do and how we think as an activity.  While I still believe
affirmatives have to be Topical, thanks to all the teams that took risks and
challenged everyone to think.  Especially to OU who were incredibly classy
and nice to us everytime we debated this year including doubles!  Thanks to
Towson for consistently challenging things and rocking the boat.

Congrats to my good friends at U Minnesota who are really making the Gophers
fearful in record time, same to the Hoyas, and Trinity U...really incredible
how good you have gotten in the time of the new regimes!

Congrats to all the seniors who have just had a final tournament debating.
I wish you all luck on whatever you choose to do and hope you will come back
to debate sometimes to help out.

Finally, thanks to my group of debaters who helped this weekend (Edmund and
Maria, Parker, Balla, Aakash, Lee, Lina and anyone who sent cards) and
especially coaches - AK, Whit, Josh C., Scotty G, for making me less
stressed every day. You all are the absolute best and I am lucky to work
with all of you.

Great NDT,

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