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Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Mon Mar 2 18:17:23 CST 2009

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you need to decide what you define as political activity... if foucault was correct, and
politics is what goes on in schools, prisons, families, corporations, hospitals, etc., then
what goes on in washington is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg of social practice,
and the critical task is to establish a distance from the state; but if state politics does
matter in the way politicians say it does, then you're susceptible to the normal political
calculations -- in that domain, your charges lack a modicum of traction or believability.

if politics is culture, i suppose your spiel uses a conservative rhetoric to discredit what
i consider an imperial presidency, and in that sense performs a noble function. only, it's
a tasteless rhetoric, one of anti-foreigner bias and one that undercuts the international
perspective which should form the basis of our criticism of obama's administration... we
are so busy trying to resuscitate the american dream that we've forgotten m.l.k.'s real
dream: to become citizens of the world. ...where was that in obama's inaugural, amidst
the same bush-lite crap about the terrorists hating 'our' freedom?

you're the distraction.

Windows Live?: Life without walls.
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