[eDebate] Disclosure Norms - Plea for Codification

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While I agree that a rule is unnecessary, I disagree that it is only coaches who care about this.? Lots of debaters get pissed when coaches and other team jerk them around. Coachs definitely fan the flames of this situation...Jason is right that it is a courtesy people!? There is no obligation to say anything before the round.? 
Here's my take:

Basic Rule of Thumb: don't be a jackass! Don't ask vague questions or hound the other team/coaching staff with 10 follow up questions...I can think of a few squads that are quite bad about this.? The more annoying you are, the more the Aff will want to give you shady info or just tell you to go away

New Aff:? Aff should disclose this asap.? Neg should ask if it has been ran by anyone on the Aff squad.? Beyond that, ask if there will be a plan text...As a Neg--that's all you get
THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE COSMETIC CHANGES TO THE PLAN TEXT!? This is not a new aff, but a new plan--You should be clear about this...

New Advantages:? Beyond "new advantage", you should get nothing and like it

W. James Taylor ("JT")

Asst. Debate Coach

Emporia State University

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Disclosure wouldn't be a norm then; it'd be a rule. It's a courtesy, period. The reason mis-disclosure is so irritating is because it is discourteous. If more people were willing to treat violations of disclosure norms with reciprocity, fewer violations of disclosure norms would occur. That said, there shouldn't be any need to create rules about disclosure and doing so would likely result in NFL type rules disputes which I am universally annoyed by. Only coaches really think that this type of disclosure mumbo-jumbo is particularly important; it's (or should be) telling that most debaters don't really care and think things are basically fine now.?


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