[eDebate] Disclosure

JP Lacy lacyjp
Tue Mar 10 21:31:45 CDT 2009

I don't think we're arguing about much. (Except that Debate is a far, 
far better game than Hockey. They have fights. We have words. And 

Only disagreement: Continue disclosing what YOU expect. Keeping score 
isn't worth the energy.


Jason Russell wrote:
> And I guess I just think teams ARE giving you what they want on the 
> other side. And that's exactly why you should treat them with 
> reciprocity when they fudge a new adv, plan change, or team aff. If 
> they didn't want you to return the "favor" they would have been more 
> careful. 
> Debate is definitely not better than hockey. That's just stupid. 
> J

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