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Martin Harris mharris02
Thu Mar 12 07:32:30 CDT 2009

   I am not a big fan of rights discourse, and am certainly no sports
positivist, but I have been intrigued by disclosure norms every since I
got a call from our men's basketball team last year. Seems the NCAA
conference we play in requires that all home teams record AND upload
full game footage of all conference games to a conference website within
a certain period of time after the game (I think 48 hours).  This last
Sunday when the lady's basketball team was having problems with getting
the selection Sunday show going for the school watch party, I decided to
ask the assistant coach whether that film requirement was unique to our
conference or fairly standard. She said it was pretty much the norm in
NCAA sports (at least basketball). Seems the NCAA has a little more
focus on sportiveness (got a better nongendered word for sportsmanship?)
than whatever the reason for secrecy is. Kind of interesting to me. 


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