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where's the word "extinction" ?

2009/3/19 <repkowil at msu.edu>

> I cannot describe how little time I have to get trapped into a
> meta-discussion about this (or how much I will utterly...and I mean
> ruthlessly and categorically...  ignore the conversation after this post),
> but the greatest LOST/politics card ever was written today.
> While it's a good card, we also thought it relevant to point-out *before*
> CEDA-NDT starts that it is from a student newspaper and that it appears as
> though the card is written by a member of that school's college debate team.
> To be clear, no accusations (at all) at the BC folks -- people can and
> should write about whatever they'd like in the school newspaper. This post
> is not defending censorship or questioning anyone's character.
> It's more that sometimes it's pragmatic (and good) to have "Early Warning
> systems" and that it may be worth mentioning (before-the-tourneys) that
> teams have found this card and opted against reading it.
> Best,
> Greta-Will-MSU
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> Subject: LOST card
> Brendan Bendict, ?LOST Keeps America Afloat,? BCHeights.com (Independent
> Student Newspaper of Boston College), 3/19/2009
> http://media.www.bcheights.com/media/storage/paper144/news/2009/03/19/Marketplace/Lost-Keeps.America.Afloat-3675984.shtml
> President *Obama has promised a renewal of relationships between the
> United States and other nations*, from sending key envoys to the Middle
> East to having Secretary of State Clinton push a reset button with Russia.
> Massachusetts' own John *Kerry is working with Obama, as chair of the
> Senate foreign relations committee, to press the Senate to ratify the United
> Nations conventions on the Law of the Sea* Treaty (LOST). The Senate has
> not yet ratified the treaty but doing so would boost America's economic,
> military, and environmental prowess.  *Even after fierce and divisive
> opposition from Republicans, Obama has been able to pass key pieces of his
> agenda through Congress, like the stimulus. His political capital with
> Congress is so high that Republicans even seem open to another round of
> stimulus spending*, *so Obama needs to capitalize on it to get LOST
> ratified.* Unlike regular Senate bills, which require a simple majority to
> pass, treaties required 67 votes, so Republican support is crucial.
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