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(same article)

Republicans seem to be divided on the issue, with some agreeing that it
would help the navy, while others believe it would give the UN control over
our seas and military actions. But the treaty simply sets up a dispute
resolution system, the International Seabed Authority (ISA), that arbitrates
when two countries disagree over the rights of ships in their waters. Right
now, the U.S. has no voice on the ISA, meaning that if nations wanted to
close their waters to American ships, there would hardly be a peaceful
recourse. Diplomatic tensions flared last week when naval ships passed
through the South China Sea, irking fishermen who proceeded to lower their
trousers. As laughable as it seems on its face, it resulted in tough
negotiations with China. Thus, the need for LOST is clear: if the U.S. was
party to the treaty, the navy would have been able to sail through the South
China Sea without causing an international incident. With piracy on the rise
and wars still raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, being able to move aircraft
carriers and submarines is crucial to maintaining safety on the seas.

throw in a little Nikkei Weekly 95, bingo bango, extinction.

2009/3/19 bandana martin <drmosbornesq at gmail.com>

> where's the word "extinction" ?
> 2009/3/19 <repkowil at msu.edu>
>> I cannot describe how little time I have to get trapped into a
>> meta-discussion about this (or how much I will utterly...and I mean
>> ruthlessly and categorically...  ignore the conversation after this post),
>> but the greatest LOST/politics card ever was written today.
>> While it's a good card, we also thought it relevant to point-out *before*
>> CEDA-NDT starts that it is from a student newspaper and that it appears as
>> though the card is written by a member of that school's college debate team.
>> To be clear, no accusations (at all) at the BC folks -- people can and
>> should write about whatever they'd like in the school newspaper. This post
>> is not defending censorship or questioning anyone's character.
>> It's more that sometimes it's pragmatic (and good) to have "Early Warning
>> systems" and that it may be worth mentioning (before-the-tourneys) that
>> teams have found this card and opted against reading it.
>> Best,
>> Greta-Will-MSU
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>> Subject: LOST card
>> Brendan Bendict, ?LOST Keeps America Afloat,? BCHeights.com (Independent
>> Student Newspaper of Boston College), 3/19/2009
>> http://media.www.bcheights.com/media/storage/paper144/news/2009/03/19/Marketplace/Lost-Keeps.America.Afloat-3675984.shtml
>> President *Obama has promised a renewal of relationships between the
>> United States and other nations*, from sending key envoys to the Middle
>> East to having Secretary of State Clinton push a reset button with Russia.
>> Massachusetts' own John *Kerry is working with Obama, as chair of the
>> Senate foreign relations committee, to press the Senate to ratify the United
>> Nations conventions on the Law of the Sea* Treaty (LOST). The Senate has
>> not yet ratified the treaty but doing so would boost America's economic,
>> military, and environmental prowess.  *Even after fierce and divisive
>> opposition from Republicans, Obama has been able to pass key pieces of his
>> agenda through Congress, like the stimulus. His political capital with
>> Congress is so high that Republicans even seem open to another round of
>> stimulus spending*, *so Obama needs to capitalize on it to get LOST
>> ratified.* Unlike regular Senate bills, which require a simple majority
>> to pass, treaties required 67 votes, so Republican support is crucial.
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