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I concur.  I would also like to add two things:


1.  I am glad so many folks had the opportunity to visit the Northern Rockies.  We're a small debate community and we're thrilled to have all our friends here.  The last time the community was here was in 98 at the University of Utah for the NDT.  So ISU's hosting of CEDA Nationals is not only much appreciated, but historic.


2.  I met Desi when she was a young gal debating for Joe Carver at the College of Eastern Utah in 2001.  I got to know her, because as fate would have it, she debated with Veronica Barreto (University of Miami) cross-country in a year long swing partnership.  When I took over the Weber program in 03,  Desi was willing to give both Weber State and WSU Debate a shot. A natural leader, she quickly rose to the top and qualified for the NDT debating with Mike Shackelford (now the Director at Rowland Hall High School in Salt Lake).  Desi always did everything any director could ask of a debater - good grades, great effort, and an amazing "i CAN" attitude.


So now so many years have come and went, and I see Desi doing this weekend what she always did best - being a leader and getting the job done. I see her and I can help but think, "I hope my own daughter grows up to be half the woman Des is." I mean, She is THAT type of human being.  If you don't know her, you should.  You're really missing out.


While I have no doubt that the folks in Idaho will throw her a ticker-tape parade for her outstanding efforts, I just wanted her to know that her Utah family is really proud of her as well - and that she always has a special place in every WSU Wildcat's heart.


Great Job ISU!  Great Job Desi!



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> I am sorry you could not be at the 2009 CEDA Nationals. You are missing
> what I am sure will become known as one of the BEST national tournaments
> ever - Sarah Partlow Lefevre, Desaray Brown, and the rest of the ISU staff
> have been ABSOLUTELY wonderful. They have provided all the necessities
> and ALL the "extras" imagineable to make this tournament wonderful. I am
> certain that we will refer to "The ISU Model of Tournament Hospitality" as
> the IDEAL for a long long time.
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