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Multiples of people have asked me if I got a response - so instead of
replying to all I thought I would send it to edebate -
Read my previous post if you need to know the quesiton again.



I will answer the two questions together because they are intertwined.

The 36 refers to units of judging rather than judges. Judges who have a
commitment of 5 or more rounds are considered 2 units of judging. So, many
judges are actually 2 units of judging. This may not be showing up on the
pref sheet. Since it is an electronic sheet, I can't see what you are

The 36 units is based on the traditional need of the tournament rather than
the size of the judging pool. Since there are always 936 rounds of judging
needed for the tournament, the size of the categories is independent of the
size of the judging pool.

So, the people with less than 12 rounds are truly "free" in two ways. First,
each unit of judging added by the judges with less than 12 rounds is a unit
added to the overall pool but it will be added to the lowest category. A
team may mark them all as at the bottom of the pool. Second, if a team were
to prefer one of these judges more highly, it reduces the number of
"qualified" judges that must be ranked highly.

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