[eDebate] video of CEDA Finals?

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Mar 27 23:48:23 CDT 2009

We have tapes but have not had not had a chance to convert them
between travel from Idaho and the ndt if there is someone here who can
do it maybe a scout or a helper we can get it done quicker otherwise
it will be up within a few days of the end of the ndt if you can help
find me or maybe Gordon stables

On 3/27/09, Blake Johnson <blakejohnson at urbandebate.org> wrote:
> I understand that the internets don't stretch all the way  to Idaho so you
> couldn't do a live broadcast.  But surely someone smuggled in a video
> camera...Who's got it?
> Surely it'll be on the google soon right?  I'll keep googling under CEDA
> Finals...
> Boomer,
> b
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> Blake Johnson
> Executive Director
> Bay Area Urban Debate League
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