[eDebate] please help - its for a good cause!

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Mar 31 11:26:27 CDT 2009

Or you can vote for the organization I work for youth organizing urban
revitalization systems we employ a lot of debaters to do community
enterprise projects if we win the money its a promise that your vote
will help debaters you know

On 3/31/09, mandy castle <mandycastle at gmail.com> wrote:
> As a former debater I am asking your help!
> Please take five seconds to help my friends' charity, The Generation
> Project, win $25k in much-needed funding. All you have to do is CLICK THE
> BOX next to The Generation Project at this website
> http://www.rugby.com/newsroom/blog_post.aspx?id=612f7892-0040-4826-ad58-4b46e819ea74
> Thanks in advance for being so awesome and for helping The Generation
> Project expand opportunities for low-income youth.  For more information go
> to www.thegenerationproject.org
> --
> Mandy Castle
> Michigan Law 2010
> Boston College 2007

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