[eDebate] [CEDA-L] Graduation Amendment with a Caveat

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Fri May 1 14:59:25 CDT 2009

I concur with Joel on this issue for the reasons he has already given.  
But I also want to add one more point: Who the hell is going to judge?  
Grad students judging grad students? It is bad enough when undergrads  
judge undergrads. I may be wrong but I percieve a shortage of judges.  
Letting people debate for five years into grad school reduces the  
judging pool further.

I think the compromise should be 4 years, eight semesters--but if you  
graduate in 3 years and begin your fourth year in grad school, then  
you should be able to debate. This seems to be the optimum solution.

Scott Elliott

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