[eDebate] 2009 Tournament of Champions Octafinals Judging List

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Sun May 3 19:09:14 CDT 2009

Tournament of Champions?CX
University of Kentucky
May 2-4, 2009
The following judges should be available for the octafinal round tomorrow morning. A number of standby judges are on this list, but should wait until all of the octafinal debates actually begin before leaving in case you are needed. Call Aaron Kall at 734-239-3996 if there are any problems. 


Abelkop, Garrett

Batterman, Bill

Berthiaume, Maggie

Bowen, Kathy

Bricker, Brett

Chestnut, Noah

Cholera, Kuntal

Clark, Kathryn

Corrigan, Abe

Culpepper, Brent

emerson, eric

Fisher, Matt

Gonzalez, Josh

Greenstein, Mike

Hamraie, Aimi

Harrigan, Casey

Heidt, David

Heidt, Jenny

Lingel, Dan

Matheson, Calum

Moczulski, Leah

Murillo, Gabe

Oddo, Eric

Paul, Jonathan

Peterson, Brian

Polin, Jacob

Repko, Wil

Rubaie, Brian

Sears, Will

Smith, Ross

Stahl, Greta

Symonds, Adam

Turner, John

Warden, John

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