[eDebate] Assistant Coach Job - Edgemont

Benjamin Wittwer bwittwer
Tue May 5 13:47:59 CDT 2009

Edgemont High School is looking to hire an assistant debate coach for the 
2009-2010 season. Edgemont is located in Scarsdale, NY, about 20 minutes 
north of New York City.

The assistant coach would be expected to attend one meeting per week 
after school, assist with evidence production, and attend around 15 
tournaments per year. We will strongly prefer applicants who are located 
in the greater New York City and tri-state area. This position is ideal 
for an undergraduate or graduate student with debate experience. 

The compensation will be a stipend of $10,000-$12,000 for the debate 
season, commensurate with experience. There is no additional 
compensation for judging as that is factored into the stipend, however 
the team will cover all travel expenses including meals. 

Please contact Ben Wittwer with inquiries at bwittwer at mail.edgemont.org ( http://www.ndtceda.com/mailman/listinfo/edebate ) 
Ben Wittwer
Benefits Asst., Edgemont UFSD
Head Coach, Edgemont Debate 
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