[eDebate] Re-opening the debate on New Events at CEDA

Justin Green jmgreen
Tue May 5 21:25:46 CDT 2009

The short version:  We shouldn't add new events without a popular
vote.  Yes, democracy is slow and time consuming.  Dictatorships =
quick decisions.....Democracy = you have to wait for everyone to vote.
 If you want the President to add Parli, Worlds, LD, Public Forum,
Extemp, etc to the Cross Examination Debate Association Nationals
without a vote, then vote yes.  For those of you who want CEDA Nats to
be a celebration of Cross Ex Debate and not a new event without a
popular vote - vote no.

As a caveat, had the amendment said "The President can add new events
or divisions by putting them up to a public vote with a three week
window for the public to vote".  This would solve all of the problems
Chief mentioned, yet still maintain democracy.  If there is a way for
a friendly amendment, please instruct.

Chief's arguments seem eerily similar to "must define all words" -
largely a semantics game.

"1. The amendment process is often too long of a cycle, unwieldy, and
unfriendly of a process once the year starts. If we were to require
amendments to change anything about the National Tournament, it would
likely take at least a year likely from its inception date for
anything after November 1st. I think that is when bureaucracy can
hamstring an organization. "

You call it hamstring an organization.  I might call it preventing
tyranny.  Is it tyranny that will kill me physically - no, but it is
certainly a tyranny of ideas that flies in the face of the mission of
our organization "promote Cross Examination Debate".

"2. The President and EC are voted on by a community vote. This is one
of those times Directors will need to decide if they trust their
elected leadership to do what is within the best interest of the
community they represent."

Which part of the Presidential platform discussion asked "do you want
to add new events to make CEDA Nationals "?  I trust them to run a CX
tournament, but I have no idea if Gordon is qualified to run a Public
Forum or World's Tournament or which events he will seek to add.

"3. New events: Again Gordon should chime in, but one thing he talked
about was the ability for our organization to reach out to other
organizations, groups, constituencies. If CEDA wanted to offer a
Public Debate event, umbrella sponosr another organization's National
Tournament (Parli, NFA Lincoln-Douglas, etc) this amendment would
allow the President to make that offer with the suppport of the EC. A
decision to do this in December would be too late to get an amendment
passed to do it. And amendments usually imply continuity, as opposed
to year-to-year trial experiments. Sometimes revenue streams may make
it beneficial to the organization to do just this, and reach out to
others inside the big tent. "

Gordon, please chime in here.  Will NFA Lincoln-Douglas be asking us
to join them so that they can put money towards our nationals?  To put
it in terms Chief used while judging me once "I don't get it".

"4. The People's Tournament: Indeed! I articulated above why sometimes
process takes too long for all the "people" to chime in."

Ummmm....If democracy is slow then it is not worth following?  Chief
you added a division - Novice.   New novice division, not the same as
"lets debate LD".

While I received enlightening backchannels after my previous post
comparing this amendment to Senator Palpatine's plan of destroying
democracy "one amendment at a time" (provided by the debate Green
Party President aka Jester the behester) and those who had more
explicit concerns like "here comes Worlds Debate" (a former CEDA
Presidential candidate), I was hoping to get the perspective of
someone other than the current President or former President as to why
expanding executive powers to include A NEW EVENT was a good idea -
especially one without a popular vote.

Last I checked we participate in Cross Examination Debate.  Hence our
organizations name.  While personally participating and facilitating
multiple forms of debate: public forums, debates with my wife, debates
among local representatives, and in-class debates, just to name a few.
 Sometimes there are declared winners sometimes no winners at all.
But, when our teams go to the Cross Examination Debate Association
Nationals, I for one am happy that we are debating Cross-Ex styles
with all of its diversity and spending a weekend just dedicated to the
efforts of our students working hard on that event.

If we want to add World's Debate to CEDA, why can't this wait a year
for an amendment to let all the World's voices to be heard?

Justin Green

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