[eDebate] Questioning the Taboo Topic area

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed May 6 15:32:49 CDT 2009

Not a lengthy discussion. But I do want to raise an issue(s).

Gay marriage--there is not much of a debate on its merits (at least  
within the debate community). My issue is that (a) at least five  
states as of this post have legalized it and (b) the Supreme Court is  
likely to make it a national right under the Full Faith and Credit  
Clause using the same lagic it used to overturn miscagenation laws.

It seems as if this sub-area is prone to two bad outcomes:

(a) Most rounds become a state c-plan and/or a Supreme Court C-plan debate or
(b) Affirmatives have all the ground to debate.

Is there going to be a major issue in terms of inherency/uniqueness debates?


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