[eDebate] New Events

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu May 7 00:29:45 CDT 2009

A question...Former president elliott seems to suggest that it would be a
good idea to add another organizations nationals after december...what
organization mentioned there decides after december when and where it's
nationals is going to be? Is this the just in case some other major national
forensics organization LOSES its DETERMINED site, and is willing t pay us a
whole bunch of money in order to manage their logistics and host their
hundreds of people...and the problem is ...the president cannont say yes to
this remarkably good idea? Clearly  what we want our president doing is
agreeing in feb. to try something cool at nationals...like doubling their
logistical burden..and the number of people...revenue streams...dangerous
road to go down...if executive power is entirely determined by ability to
access revenue streams, then not a one of the current ec should be in
charge. we should host nfl/ceda/ada/ndt/toc/ncfl/universes, use the intense
profit generated from hosting other peoples nationals and hire our selves a
top notch revenue stream accessing maven
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