[eDebate] Comments on the CEDA Amemdments and topic ballot

Gordon Stables stables
Thu May 7 01:55:45 CDT 2009

A lot to catch up on. Yes - there are technical problems with the
listservs. I encourage everyone to become more familiar with the new
CEDA website which has been designed to serve as a site for community
documents, discussion, etc. The time will come in the not too distant
future when all organizational business (topic, tournaments,
deadlines, etc.) happens away from these lists. Now is a good time to
start getting used to it. www.cedadebate.org

I have provided a comment on the proposed CEDA amendments, including
the grad student eligibility and adding events, at

I have a note about the topic process at

You can leave your thoughts as replies to either item. Remember there
is only a week left to vote. Please email Jeff Jarman if you need a
ballot or have technical questions about voting.


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