[eDebate] Reply to Chief

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Fri May 8 16:58:11 CDT 2009

Just a couple of points.

1. Taking pot shots at KSU because of their budget is a low blow. Shame. 
I notice Justin did not bring up ****.

2. I understand that Sarah and ISU did a great job hosting, they did 
nice work but could not change the location, but it was a bad decision 
to do it there, ignored a strong bid from Oklahoma with lots of 
financial support, and resulted in a very small field. It is these kinds 
of personal decisions that have eroded community trust in CEDA 
presidents. Vermont did not go because of financial considerations and a 
very young team. We would probably have gone to Oklahoma.

3. Spare us the humor and stick to the issues.

Vote no.


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