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Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Mon May 11 15:31:05 CDT 2009

Why is everyone acting like it's clear that Skarb or Stefan Marbury (the
fella's real name is actually that of a character from the West Wing, and is
never cited in any other academic context or elsewhere on the internet) or
whoever wrote this article is actually qualified bc they have a Masters in
poli comm and/or have judged debates? This is obviously nonsense. Last poli
comm class I took didnt have anything to do w public policy related to SPS,
and the last class Skarb took was 6 years ago. The qualifications listed in
the BLOG that hosts this article are almost certainly fabricated by "the
author". I'd love to see any evidence that suggests that there is a real
John Marburry. Perhaps Skarb could show us some evidence that he exists? I
feel confident that this article was written to cheat, plain and simple.
While I don't hold it against students for reading it, I would bet that the
host school would be interested to know the standards of academic integrity
employed in the posting of this article.

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