[eDebate] questions about evidence

Halli Tripe hallitripe
Tue May 12 14:14:02 CDT 2009

is it ok to cut cards from the comments section of an article?? if so,
how do you cite those cards?? the name of the website or publication?
the 'name' of the commenter?

is it ok to find cards in another language, put them through a
translator, and then read them (in english) during the round?

is it ok to remove large sections of an article and make some sort of
notation like "she continues.." in the middle of the card?

these are all honest questions that i?m curious about.? i err NO on
most of them (although the 3rd question seems comparatively less
problematic than the other two), but these are practices that happen
all the time in debate.? i?m not necessarily calling it out as
?unethical? but just curious to know what other people think.

on a related note - sometimes as a judge/observer of debates i forget
how hard it was as a debater (especially a 1AR) to make source
qualification indicts during rounds.? being a 1ar in a straight-up
debate, it is nearly impossible to read EVERY card that the other team
reads, much less take scarce prep time to look at the quals of each
card.? this is compounded by the fact that some people/teams do a very
poor job of citing cards and including necessary/relevant information
in the citation.

it is really easy as a judge to say after the round ?did you read this
card?! its terrible!! and its written by so-and-so?.?? but it is much
harder for debaters to figure this stuff out with just 10 minutes of
prep time.


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