[eDebate] obama's middle east imperialism (reply to stroube)

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Tue May 12 16:40:17 CDT 2009


"...a bitter pill to swallow for those who once sincerely believed in Obama's antiwar rhetoric..."

i disagree with this description. obama's 'antiwar rhetoric' was never opposed to war as such;
rather obama opposed the war in iraq for empirical reasons - namely, it distracted the u.s. from
what he considers the main front in 'the war on terror': afghanistan. obama's position has been
consistent (though i oppose it). so to characterize obama's supporters as 'sincerely believing' in
a stance he never took seems fundamentally flawed to me. who could've missed his statements
on pakistan in the democratic primaries that were criticized by the *republican* candidate for
their imprudence?

to me, this...
follows logically from this...

we're right to worry about liberals and their wars, of course. it was l.b.j. who escalated vietnam,
and it might be obama who escalates the conflict in afghanistan and pakistan.

barack obama = harvey dent.

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