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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu May 14 01:31:28 CDT 2009

a different question...

Is it ok to cite some thing like this

GAO 8/18/2006
ONDCP Media Campaign

as opposed to
GAO 8/18/2006
Ondcp Media Campaign

the bit.ly link points to exactly the same place, but it is shorter...in
this instance it is not signifigantly shorter but we have all seen urls that
are way long

Some advanatges
1)shorter url's make transcription errors less likely
2)shortening services provide some analytics which can be useful for
tracking how many people are accesing articles and assesing the impact that
a service like the wiki has the overall readership of an article and how
debate affects that
3)sometimes you can have fun with them
http://dickensurl.com/a9d7/We_must_scrunch_or_be_scrunched absolutly
negating #1
4) easy to tweet or fb links to people

Some disadvanatges
1)In theory bit.ly or teak.tk could go out of business (but so could
2)there is very little academic practice regarding this
3) ap and some other news sites may eventually block shorteners meaning what
was a good link when you shortened it but doesnt point to the article
4) shorteners justify lengtheners....some could post a link from
freakinghugeurl.com and cite all their cards that way...totally making it
likely that if they do not provide it in digital form most people will never
type the link in.

Far from an esoteric question, a 17 character url may be largely preferable
for the operation of the wiki to a full length url, for one it is less data,
byte for byte thats irrelevant, but over the course of millions of cites
over a decade it may matter...figure a 17 character url saves 20 characters
over the typical php based url...as the number of cites grows that is 20
each time, plus it provides a transcribeable solution to the really long url

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