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James Herndon jamesherndon3
Thu May 14 11:53:55 CDT 2009

 Welcome to the First Annual HCA ? or Herndon Choice Awards ? Although not
Scott Herndon [my brother] [[not really]] just the James Herndon Choice
awards.  Obviously i'm not qualified to give out any awards. So, lets get

1.  *The David Heidt* Cite Returner Award*

Returning cites has become an integral part of this community.  Seriously,
back in my day [8 long long years ago] we were cutting cards with scissors
and tape.  Now, we are at the point where debaters just ask people for cites
and they [usually] respond in kind.  This is one of the most important ways
in which we foster the sharing of ideas and information.    A couple of
honorable mentions:

Seth Gannon ? usually pretty quick.  DHeidt insisted he be on this list.

Carly Wunderlich ? probably gets more aff cite requests than anyone and is
always quick to respond.  [did you know her dad invented the IQ test that
they give to NFL quarterbacks?  Garrett Abelkop scored slightly better than
Eli Manning btw].

Chungs/Will Sears ? very responsive, very thorough, good quality cites.

The Winner - Brett Bricker.  Seriously, this guy is in need of some
reassurances right about now having not been recognized for anything.  Multiple
times BBricker would respond to the request before I signed out of the email
account.  Always thorough, always quick.  If everyone sent cites like
Bricker did, I believe more people would do research.

*Dheidt didn?t want his name attached to this one.  But, I?m bigger than

2.  *The James Herndon Best Politics Award*

The politics disad gets a lot of attention from people for being a bad
thing.  I absolutely love it.  Its fun to research, keeps me informed, is as
excellent tool for use in teaching research to early debaters.  Plus, its
just awesome.  Obviously, not everyone agrees.  But, some people do, and I
wanted to recognize them.  A couple of honorable mentions:

Mary Washington ? Seriously, innovative, high quality, a pain to research
against.  Excellent all year long.

UGA ? they get recognized here for their commitment to innovation of this
disad.  Inevitably, we needed more cards on UGA?s argument at every

Michigan ? I think Edmund & Maria are the Kordell Stewarts of debate.  I
judged them versus the Chungs and it was a giant BuyAmerica throw down, then
judged them against Oklahoma and it was about . . . yeah. . . that.  Good
cards and well executed though.

The Winner.  Wake Forest.  Interestingly enough, Wake Forest finished both
first and last place in this category.  Seriously, sometimes they would read
awesome disad and sometimes they?d be terrible.  At the coast I judged a
wake team that read the best McConnell specific stimulus disad one round and
then the very next debate I judged a wake team reading a terrible Iraqi
pullout DA.  I always thought wake was reading good cards on important
questions.  They also got major points in this category for being really
innovative and tough to handle when they were aff answering politics.

3.  *The Kevin Kallmyer is Awesome Dylan Keenan Award*

Honorable Mentions:

RJ Giglio ? I just wanted to mention this guy cause he?s awesome.  And,
Pradeep* wanted some Caddo Pride [*Note: Pradeep was in no way actually
consulted.  I will miss him though, I?ve known him for 5 years now and he?s
kinda awesome


Garrett Abelkop ? I could never judge Garrett since I had the absolute
privilege of coaching him.

The Winner is:   Kevin Kallmyer.  This one was close.  But evidently he
delivered a cross-x at the Northwestern tournament that inspired Dylan to
cut even more cards.  Congratulations to Kallymyer.  In all seriousness, it
is a crime that ?cross-x? is still under-rated.  Work on it, more than
anything it impacts speaker points.

*4.  The Edward Lee Can?t We All Just Get Along? Award*

We agree, but Ed said it, debate is better when people are nicer.

Honorable Mentions:

Kevin Kallymyer ? Dylan kept yelling that he should win.*

[*Dylan would like to clarify that he is in no way making fun of Kevin.  And,
he really and genuinely thinks this guy is kind of awesome.  I never judged
them, but everyone else seems to agree.  No joking, that was a great
cross-x, you should be flattered]

John Warden.  Ed says John was always nice to him and passionate about
debate.  I?m not sure Ed really knows what he?s talking about here.  But, I
too love Mr. Warden.

[Also, special ?I was the variable that won the Copeland Award? to Jeremy
Selesner of Northwestern Debate.  Runner Up: Luke Hill]

Dayvon Love.  For all the crap this guy has had to deal with, he was always
so nice.  Like super nice.  Nice in a way that was often shocking.  His last
name is love, which is only as good as Dayvon Capitalism [Dylan] or maybe
Dayvon Dragonslayer.

Nate Cohn.  Funny, very intelligent about his arguments and everything else
which meant he never let being mean get in the way.  I personally think not
being grumpy about carrying all those tubs made him that much nicer.

The Winner is:  Brian Rubiae.  Thanks for making debate a nicer place to
work, play, and hang-out.  In cross-x, after debates, over email, just in
general a super duper nice guy.  We?d also like to call this the, boy it?d
be nice to have that guy on a squad award.


1.  In all seriousness, I'm just waiting on the topic and have been thinking
about writing this.  [holy poo I use the word serious a ton]

2.  the opinions expressed in this message are in NO WAY expressive of the
Barkley Forum, Emory Debate, Edward Lee, David Heidt, or anyone else who
actually has ever done anything for Emory.  Also, Bill Newnam disagrees.  To
be honest, they aren?t really my opinions, but I?ll discuss if you are

In fact, references to people are all false, no one did any of these things.
If you are a potential employer who reads this in a negative way, I made it
up.  All of it.

James H. Herndon III
Senior Programs Director
Barkley Forum
Emory University
(404) 727-6189

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a
company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi
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