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michael hester uwgdebate
Fri May 15 17:12:22 CDT 2009

selecting the topic area is the easy part.

NOW the real work begins. composing a resolution.

The topic paper that convinced more than half of the voting members to rank
it first included the following resolution:

"Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should substantially
reduce its reliance on nuclear weapons in its national security policy."

The authors admit that "salience" or "emphasis" may be preferred to
"reliance," but specifically reject a "list topic."

Some questions that we as a community would be well-served to debate prior
to the convening of the topic committee in three weeks...

1) Does the topic comittee have an obligation to include the only resolution
in the topic paper on the ballot? If not, why not?

2) Given that the topic paper specifically referenced "Disarmament" as AFF
ground, should ALL  ballot choices AT LEAST allow AFF ground to include
nuclear disarmament? If not, why not?

4) Given that the topic authors specifically noted that debating this topic
has the benefit of providing actual policymakers with 'expertise' from a
year of college debaters debating the issue, and assuming this carries with
it some obligation on our part to try and craft a resolution that would
provide the best kind of debates in terms of useful information for
policymakers, what does that mean for the resolution itself? What kind of
resolution would lend itself to the resolution best facilitating Public

if your school ranked Nuclear Weapons Policy first, please speak up. it
doesn't mean your opinion counts more, but it is insightful to know WHY
members wanted to debate this topic.

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