[eDebate] newstrega, an obama mole?

Old Strega oldstrega
Mon May 18 13:43:04 CDT 2009

mimicking ridicule tactics of the mainstream media used by obama in his cute published emails (the transparency answer we need post-cheney) to paint the opposition as irrational or "not cool enough".
newstrega, you're so funny.  let's hear your joke about the 150 afghani civilians recently fried by the president with illegal white phosphorus (see, this president has "changed" from horrendous black phosphorous to the "greener" white phosphorus snubbing rumsfeld, cheney and all the evil hawk republicans in a stroke of genius).    let's hear your quip about the denial of responsibility and silence.   
i know you're not a mole.   you're just a nobody who never won a real tournament having fun with a psychopath who litters inboxes.
Hotmail? goes with you. 
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