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New Strega donnieoutofhiselement
Mon May 18 17:44:50 CDT 2009

meh-- obama is a tool of a fascist order, that shit isnt at all funny, if i
cared i would probably make some jokes about it anyway(i like jokes), i
didn't because i don't. I make jokes about people that i think are stupid
because someone has to, PC politeness is boring and makes us all liars. You
make angry posts about how evil obama is, you get a cookie for figuring that
one out,  congradulations on being the first. What i find more interesting
is why you have just now decided to mock and deride me. Defending Massey or
Davis doesn't really seem like your style but i am still flattered that you
noticed me. I don't mind if you find me reprehensible or idiotic so long as
you find me. :)
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