[eDebate] Response to Skarb's apologia.

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu May 21 01:10:58 CDT 2009

I call bullshit. If your intent was not to defraud the debate  
community, then I ask one simple, but elling question..why did you  
publish your "scholarly article" under your real name in the first  
place? (secondary question, did you disclose your fraudulent intet to  
the editor of the journal, when you submitted under a fake name?")  
That is enough for me. Case closed. Your rationalizations are  
intersting, but, let's face it, this was published for the purpose of  
winning a debate. It is on the same level as publishing your own LOST  
link stories.

A pre-empt...if you want debate coaches et al to publish the results  
of thier work, specific to a topic area, then by all means do so. Just  
do it after the debate season is over. That way, there is no risk of  
sending a mixed message.

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