[eDebate] Loon Phase II?

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Thu May 21 10:07:50 CDT 2009

Hey Everyone,

So the first Call of the Loon will happen in two weeks.  We have actually maxed out on occupancy.

Are there people who might be interested in a Call of the Loon Phase II after the topic comes out?

July 24-August 3 Looks like the dates.

This is just a feeler, not sure the Phase II will happen yet, I am still looking at possible locations.

The amount of feedback I receive will determine how much I/we pursue this idea.  The prices should be about the same or comparable.

I  want to add that these events are workshops, not like your traditional debate camp.  They are not capitalists ventures, they offer a place for an exchange of knowledge and ideas for those who enjoy debating differently, in a place where the natural world offers a stepping stone for building community relations beyond just words, but through experience.

The topic is released on the 17th, so this would give us a week to collect materials that might be more specific to the excellent wording I am expecting.



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