[eDebate] Hester's First Round accounting

michael hester uwgdebate
Thu May 21 15:14:32 CDT 2009

1) i use the Bruschke team ranking to sort the bid applicants into a top
20-25 (whatever the # that applies)

2) i make adjustments to that list using the following metrics (not in order
of importance): head-to-head, elim records, prelim record, overall record,
performance at hardest tournaments (kentucky, harvard), performance at major
national tournaments (wake, nwestern).

3) head-to-head matters, especially when it's more than twice and includes
both sides (e.g., being 4-0 with both 2 AFF and 2 NEG wins vs a team means a
LOT). panel decisions are accounted for in head-to-head (e.g., being 2-0 vs
a team may not seem like a large sample size, but if both those wins were
3-0 decisions and on each side that's significant enough for me to take into

4) i don't give special weight to round-robins, but because i do use
head-to-head, the effect is that RRs matter more b/c they give teams more
opportunities to get head-to-head wins.

5) intangibles that matter when metrics don't distinguish teams from each
other. i ranked UNT as high as i did b/c i think Kuntal Cholera was one of
the finest debaters of his class and deserved recognition for his skills and
dedication to the activity. i ranked UTD higher than some b/c i thought they
were unfairly penalized at GSU (they missed on points at the first
tournament of the year b/c they weren't a 'name' team - i guaran-damn-tee
that same performance later in the year, when they'd established themselves
as one of the best teams in the nation would have garnered them the extra
.5-1 speaker point it would have taken to clear) and thus didn't penalize
them as much as i usualyy would for missing at a tournament. additionally,
if two teams are functionally tied after using all the metrics and Team A is
the second team at a school that has 5-6 coaches, a top team that is Top 5
bid quality, and that school gets bids every year, while Team B is the top
team at a school with a much smaller coaching staff and no real 'national'
second team, and the school is not a regular among the list of first round
bids, Team B gets the tiebreaker.

6) i ranked Wake CC higher than most this past year b/c i think twins are

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