[eDebate] Old NDT at-large voting records?

A Numbers Game edebate edebate
Fri May 22 19:35:24 CDT 2009

Are there records of the votes for NDT at-large bids, similar to the
ones found at http://groups.wfu.edu/NDT/Photos/NDT2009/2009PhotoCover.htm

Also, the 2nd round voting spreadsheet for 2009 lists D5-Stevens as
giving a ranking of "0" to WayneS HaGo, rather than something in the
range 1,2,...,29. There is no 29 listed for D5. Changing the 0 to a 29
does not change the adjusted rankings. I have only inspected this in
Gnumeric and Google Documents, and MS Excel may show different data.

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