[eDebate] Quick follow up

David Marks dgm2109
Sat May 23 09:22:29 CDT 2009

I want to apologize for the "you're not in law school" comment. It is
 I actually wrote it thinking about some posts on cross-x.com that
said Skarb should've realized CA law bans non-compete clauses or that
this wasn't a non-compete clause, etc. Skarb should be given some
leeway since the clause was silly legalese. However, that leeway
doesn't extend to thinking 7-11 would be concerned with an
uncompensated space review article. Still, the way I said it came out
totally condescending and for that I'm publicly apologizing to Skarb.

I also said "fabricated a couple times." Once I actually meant it as
an analogy, and that wasn't super clear. But the other time I did mean
what I said - Skarb fabricated the card's impartiality, insulating the
text from bias arguments.

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