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Timothy O'Donnell todonnel
Tue May 26 11:01:30 CDT 2009

The National Development Conference on Debate convenes in two weeks. 

If you are attending and do not appear on this list of participants
below please send and e-mail to Allan Louden, Conference coordinator
(louden at wfu.edu)

Look for hotel information and schedule at the bottom of this message:


Professional Development, Research, and Advancement

Tenure and Promotion Working Group

Chair: Robin Rowland, University of Kansas

Members: Jarrod Atchison, Trinity University
              Matt Gerber, Baylor Univ
              Derek Buescher, Puget Sound
              Steve Hunt, Lewis and Clark (Remote participant)
              Ryan Galloway, Samford Univ
              Kelly McDonald, Arizona State Univ
              Jeff Jarman, Wichita State Univ.
              Kelly Young, Wayne State Univ
              Tom Hollihan, Univ of Southern California (Remote)
              David Zarefsky, Northwestern Univ.(Remote)

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to examine the
relationship between the coaching profession and tenure and promotion.
The working group should begin by examining the status of tenure stream
debate coaches throughout the academy and design a set of
recommendations and standards for a variety of institutions.

Scholarship and Research Working Group

Chair: Gordon Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh

Members:  Pete Bsumek, James Madison
               Jeff Richards, Sammamish HS, Bellevue, WA
               Ben Voth, Southern Methodist Univ. flexible on group
               Chris Lundburg, Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
               Michael Jensen, National Academy of Sciences (Advisory
               Matt Stannard, Univ of Wyomng
               (Additional members to be announced)
Researcher: Michael Mangus, Univ of Pittsburgh

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to foster research
and scholarship by examining the culture and prevailing norms among
debate professionals toward research and scholarship, identify
opportunities for innovation in scholarship, examine existing outlets
and imagine new possibilities for research and scholarship about debate
and/or by debaters.

Development and Advancement in the Coaching Profession

Chair: David Hingstman, University of Iowa

Members:  Brian Lain, Univ of North Texas
               David Cram Helwich, Univ of Minnesota
               Blake Abbott, Univ of Georgia
               Mike Davis, James Madison Univ.
               Taylor Hahn, Wake Forest Univ.
Researchers:Shruti Chaganti - James Madison Univ
                  Sean Lowry - James Madison Univ

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to examine and
inventory the variety of professional debate coaching positions
represented at institutions across the country. This inventory should
include: type of position, salary range, benefits, work load, and
support for professional development. The working group is charged with
drafting a set of suggested standards and benchmarks for institutions
that employ debate coaches.

Innovation, Practice, and the State of the Art

Innovations in Debate Working Group

Chair: Karla Leeper, Baylor University

Members: Sarah Partlow Lefevre
                              John Reif, Univ of Pittsburgh (Awaiting
                              Sara Spring, Univ of Iowa
                              Casey Harrigan, Univ of Georgia
                              Kelly Congdon, Univ of Richmond
                              Scott Varda, Baylor Univ
                              Aaron Hardy, Whitman College (Remote)
                              Blake Abbott, Univ of Georgia
Researchers: Josh Gonzales, Wake Forest Univ.

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to explore the
possibilities for innovation in debating styles, formats, and practices
including the introduction and use of new media technologies in
inteBest Practices Working Group

Chair: Rich Edwards, Baylor University

Members:  Gary Larson, Wheaton
               Ross Smith, Wake Forest
               Brent Brossmann, John Carroll Univ
               Will Repko, Michigan State Univ
               Bill Newnam, Emory Univ (remote)
               Mike Hall, Liberty Univ
               Kris Willis, Appalachian State Univ
               Michael Antonucci, Georgetown Univ.
               John Fritch, Univ. of Northern Iowa

Researchers: Jon Bruschke, CSU-Fullerton

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to explore and
identify best practices related to tournament debating. The charge of
this working group involves assessing such issues as: Tournament
schedules, Debate program management, Debate program administration,
judge preference.

Community and Organization Building

Governance and Working Group

Chair: Gordon Stables, University of Southern California

Members:   Dan Cronn-Mills, Minnesota State Univ-Mankato
                Teddy Albiniak, USC
                Omar Gruvera, Weber State Univ (tentative)
                Andrew Barnes, Georgia State Univ
                Eric Morris, Missouri State Univ
                ML Sandoz, Vanderbilt Univ

             Terri Easley, Johnson County CC


Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to 1) examine the
relationships between the various organizations supporting a debate
education in the United States, 2) examine issues of jurisdiction
governing policy debate, 3) examine issues of calendar and scheduling

Charting Post-Debate Networks Working Group

Chair: Scott Segal, Bracewell & Giuliani L.L.P.,, Washington DC

Members:   Josh Zive, Bracewell & Giuliani, Washington DC (remote)
                Brad Hall, Al Gore's Office
                Dave Arnett, Cal Berkeley (not confirmed)
                Sue Peterson, CSU Chico (Remote)
                Sarah Holbrook, State Univ of West Georgia
                Mike Hester, State Univ of West Georgia
                Ross Smith, Wake Forest Univ.
                Andrea Reed, Wake Forest Univ.
Researchers: TBA

Aims and Tasks: What becomes of debaters? The goal of this group is to
conduct a survey of career paths, build alumni networks, and sketch
plans and possibilities for linking the debate community with others
outside of the academy.

The Rationale and Agenda for Policy Debate in the 21st Century

Rational For Policy Debate Working Group

Chair: Tim O'Donnell, University of Mary Washington

         Members:  Will Baker, New York University
                             Joe Bellon, Georgia State Univ.
                             John Kastulas, Boston College
                             Bill Keith, University of
                             Stephan Bauschard, Lakeland School
District, NY
                             Warren Decker, George Mason Univ
                             Danielle Verney O'Gorman, US Naval Academy

      Researchers: Sarah Spring, Iowa
                         Carly Woods, Pittsburgh
                         Joe Packer, Pittsburgh

Aims and Tasks: The goal of this working group is to conduct a review of
the literature on the value of debate, articulate links between the
activity and higher education, collect testimonials and research
projects designed to assess and evaluate the activity, and craft a
comprehensive and persuasive rationale for policy debate in the 21st

Controversies in Debate Pedagogy Working Group

Chair: Ed Panetta, University of Georgia

Members: Kevin Kuswa, Univ of Richmond
              Dan Fitzmier, Northwestern Univ.
              David Steinberg, Univ. of Miami (FL)
              Fred Sternhagen, Concordia College
              Ed Lee, Emory Univ.
              Sherry Hall, Harvard Univ

Researchers: Will Mosley-Jensen, Univ of Georgia
                  John Turner, Dartmouth College (remote)

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of thisand practice.

Participation - Alternative Models Working Group

Chair: Allan Louden, Wake Forest Univ

Members: Carol Winkler, Georgia State Univ (remote)
              John W. Davis Debate Solutions, Baltimore
              Will Baker, New York Univ
              Scott Deatherage, National Urban Debate League, Chicago
              Beth Skinner, Towson State
              Noel Selegzi, International Debate Education Association
              Alfred Snyder, Univ of Vermont (Remote)
              Melissa Wade, Emory Univ

Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to identify and
examine alternative models in debate participation: for example: NAUDL,
IDEA, ALOUD, NDProject, HBCs, DOJ crime projects, Debate across the

National Debate Developmental Conference (NDDC) Schedule 

Friday June 5

    4:00 pm ? 6:00 pm - Registration at Sundance Plaza Hotel Lobby-
Information packet provided.

    7:00 pm ? 7:30 pm - Keynote Speech Conference Opener in Hotel
Piedmont Room-Plenary Sessions with Conference Charge and Opening
Speaker: William M. Keith, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Author of
Democracy as Discussion (2007)

    7:30 pm ? 9:00 pm - Hosted Reception at Sundance Plaza Hotel -Hot
hors d?oeuvres and an open bar at the outside swimming lounge area.

Saturday June 6

    9:00 am-7:00 pm - Organizational Working Groups - Groups will meet
separately in one of the nine selected meeting rooms.

    Lunch on Your Own ? See the local restaurant listing provided in
your information packet. Refreshments Available - Coffee, beverage, and
cookies station conveniently located outside conference rooms from ? 1pm
? 5pm.


    8:00 pm ? 10:00 pm - Dinner at Putter?s Patio & Grill ? The
conference has sold out Putter?s for an evening of delicious North
Carolinian grill-out entrees. 3 minute walk from the hotel.


Sunday June 7

    9:00am-Noon - Organizational Working Groups ? Groups will meet in
the same corresponding conference rooms as Saturday.

    Noon-2:00 pm - Lunch on Your Own. Refreshments Available outside
conference room 1pm- 5pm

    2:00 pm-6:30 pm -   Presentations by Working Groups ? Each group
will have a time to present finding, resolutions, invite debate, etc.  .
Presentations will take place in the Piedmont/Blueridge Peak Conference
area. Computer projection capabilities will be available.

    7:30 pm-9:00 pm -   Wrap-Up Buffet and Reception ? Meet at the
common room (Sunspree, Vivians, Bistro &Sierra I, II, & III) for entrees
of herb baked chicken, roast beef w/ Au ju, and vegetable lasagna with
sides and salads.

Transportation: We will have airport pickup (Piedmont Triad Airport 
(GSO) to the hotel. If you can send your request for transportation to
louden at wfu and hobemn5 at wfu.edu it will be appreciated. Otherwise look
for the airport express limo.


Hotel Information

Rate: 74.99 single.

Sundance Plaza Hotel, Spa & Wellness Center, 3050 University Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27105

Phone: Latrice Jefferson, Sales & Catering Manager, 336 723-2911 Ext. 4

E-mail: ljsundance at yahoo.com

Allan Louden, Dir. of Graduate Studies, Communication	
Wake Forest University
Box 7347, Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC  27109
(336) 758-5408 (Office)
(336) 406-8451 (Cell)

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