[eDebate] nader critiques nationalization of GM -- too much executive power

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Sun May 31 18:23:44 CDT 2009

wall street and MIC connections will fizzle obama's hopes in '12.    not the real deal -- enthusiasm dead among multiple groups affected by excessive government intervention.   have you heard about the brilliant soda tax?   the credit card rate reform went swell; now you're charged interest from the moment of purchase.    way to sway the credit card industry and their clients.    genius.   guns; quiet during the election but now most gun owners are pissed at government intervention.  sotomayor's extreme anti-gun views will further inflict the hurt in west virginia, kentucky and north carolina but not enough to swing texas.  genius.    torture; ACLU disaffected by flip-flop on the photos.   ALOT OF GROUPS ARE BREAKING FROM THE '08 COALITION.    obama is simply not as advertised -- a wall street/military whore.   the voices of the naders and the chomskys will produce a social movement realignment away from their '08 mistake to a serious third party contender and many won't vote because their dreams got crushed by the reality of puppetry.    bush sucked but obama showed clearer than daylight "all politicians are just the same; the only difference is branding; do you like the tough talk of the neocons or the syrupy street con of the welfare state?"
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