[eDebate] 10 years---I miss you Becky

sugarcats sugarcats
Sun May 31 19:58:15 CDT 2009

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Becky left us
physically (but not in spirit). For those who knew her, you know how
vibrant, intelligent, sassy and cut-throat competitive she was. But she was
also a caring, compassionate and true friend to those around her. She
inspired (and still inspires) greatness through her memory and legacy via
the Seattle Debate Foundation.


For those who did not have the privilege to know (and compete against) her,
I can only hope you meet or know folks like her who are as inspiring in the
face of the most fucked up situations. 


This post is meant to honor and remember Becky publicly, but also to help me
deal with the enormity of it all. Life, death, injustice and unfairness,
happiness and hope, sadness and remembrance, but most of all celebration of
a life too short. 


Please keep Becky, Joey, and her family and friends in your warm thoughts on
this very heavy day.


Peace to all,


CM O'Neill



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