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HI, Yet....most of the data about academic degree completion points to the conclusion that five years is becoming the norm for completion of the undergraduate degree. And if debate is an undergraduate activity, why bar fifth year students from debating?

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Where did we go wrong? ?The fifth year rule is bad for college debate. ?There is a growing expectation among undergraduates that you should debate for five years. ?Recent success is usually emulated and having three fifth years in the semis of the?NDT& a fifth year as the top speaker will only spur more students to consider opting in for one more shot at glory. ?We all know certain students are now actively planning not to go to a certain NDT in order to debate during their fifth year. ?This is promoting a culture of academic laziness. ?You can get away with redshirting football players because of low academic expectations. ?Debaters should hold themselves to the highest academic expectations. ?It is disheartening to see the community norm become so immature and near-sighted. ?In a time when we need to defend this activity, we should focus on promoting it for its academic merits. ?We are the next generation of jurists, policy wonks, political
 strategists and educators. ?I loved my time debating, but I always understood that the activity was more important that my participation in it. ?The fifth year rule is simply selfish.
The solution should not be to allow students to debate in grad/law school. ?The solution is for debaters to realize that?they are students first, debaters second. ?Coaches should hold their students to a higher standard.??If you love debate and want to stay in the activity, coach. ?You can even go to grad school and coach. ?I'm fully behind an amendment to lobby for more grad programs to offer funding for debate assistant. ?Grad school is about being a student first and foremost. ?Creating a rule that lets you debate in grad school will just lead to more individuals who view themselves as debaters first, students second, try to get into graduate programs. ?
Let's be realistic. ?If you want to do well in grad school, you don't have the time to debate at a high level. ?You can be a good arg coach, but you can't excel in the classroom and do the work needed to compete for a first round. ?If you can, then you are in a crappy grad school and once again we are back to the problem of low academic standards for debaters. ?
Debate is a privilege. ?Respect it.

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