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Kelly Young kel1773
Sat May 2 07:43:02 CDT 2009

This was said earlier, but I'm sure will be repeated several more times in the next few weeks:

"There have been a ton of debates on nuclear posture one way or another
over the years and several debates about Russia/Europe as well."

Really? I'm curious as to what affs, neg disads or Ks explored US nuclear posture on the Ag, Middle East, Courts, China or Energy topics? Even on Europe, we only debated tactical weapons, not the overall weapon posture. NATO wasn't run by that many teams and generally didn't feature all that much discussion of cooperation with Russia. And that was 6 years ago.

Let's stop confusing someone running a single impact card or a 3-4 card advantage that mentions Russia or Nuclear weapons as an in-depth season long investigation of a topic. I hear this argument every year and it's terrible. With this reasoning, we shouldn't debate IMF because we debated the international economic causes of global poverty and injustice last year. Or, since there was an immigration politics scenario, we shouldn't debate immigration. Or, we've all heard sexuality and body critiques, thus no taboo topic. 

I really haven't decided my preferences yet, but all of these are topics we really haven't explored in quite a while. They deserve more consideration than this.


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