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On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 12:38 AM, Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu> wrote:

> I cannot imagine many times when such a request would come up after
> December.  And as Gordon pointed out the amendment would require any new
> event to be in the CEDA invite.  And yes, if we were at a site with the
> room, and another tournament wanted to bring in THEIR personnel and run
> THEIR tournament, why would we not want to expose other forensics folks to
> CEDA?  Are we really that unattractive?

I don't think thats the point......but you get to proving that later
on...the point is that somebody with a full time job, and then another one,
should not be making the decision that with less than 3 months to go before
their third full time job hits its peak they want to add another
organizations national tournament to the organizations(run by people with
three full time jobs) responsobility chart...no matter how much you say it
will be their personel and their stuff unless you are just agreeing to share
campuses and hotel blocks with other organizations, no revenue...but if not
and it is a revenue stream for the org you will create workload for the
organization...doable, in the world i am calling for, but by your own
admission not feasible in the world where the ec is all gainfully employed
elsewhere first as a professor or lawyer or whatever, then as a debate
coach, then as an ec member....come on man for the sake of the ad homs you
have walked right into the bigger argument.

To get back to justins point...if the collective will of the organization is
eager to make this bad business decision...not catagoricaly just as you have
described it...perhaps you should let gordon do the talking...then so be
it...but a president barely elected with popular support as you point out
shouldnt be able to do it...when things are bad enough ideas put forth
either by amendment the community rejects them...usually...when it comes
time to vote for 2nd vice president...the community is kinda meh about
it...so here is the world you want...a person elected into leadership...with
at most the support of a quarter(im being generous here) of the membership,
the meh of about 75 per cent of it...this person in conjunction with
similarly elected people...all gainfully employed elsewhere...should not
have sweeping executive powers...it was bold enough when bush took them,
this is an evenmore ridiculous application of them...and this example proves
why...i really don't think you could have made a worse defense of this
amendment...like seriously your strongest argument for why this two month
window needs to opened up is...what if i want to double the size and
respnsibility of the tournament over christmas break?....well obviously i
wouldnt want to check with the membership about how they feel about this,
because they will think it an awful idea...so let me just tell them and then
tel them i am open to discussion on it...perhaps on the ceda
website...people discuss this now...it is the last chance you will have to
do so...if you you vote yes on this amendment, the only people who will
discuss it will be your leadership...can you even name the ec without
looking it up?

> As for the shot at the CEDA EC not being competent enough to generate
> revenue streams, all I can say is sometimes full time jobs get in the way of
> being good fund raisers.  What we do have going for us however is the
> ability to earn free Hotel Points when we host large tournaments.  Now you
> gotta give us credit for that.
> chief
> Darren Elliott
> Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
> CEDA Immediate Past Prseident
> Andy Ellis wrote:
> A question...Former president elliott seems to suggest that it would be a
> good idea to add another organizations nationals after december...what
> organization mentioned there decides after december when and where it's
> nationals is going to be? Is this the just in case some other major
> national
> forensics organization LOSES its DETERMINED site, and is willing t pay us a
> whole bunch of money in order to manage their logistics and host their
> hundreds of people...and the problem is ...the president cannont say yes to
> this remarkably good idea? Clearly what we want our president doing is
> agreeing in feb. to try something cool at nationals...like doubling their
> logistical burden..and the number of people...revenue streams...dangerous
> road to go down...if executive power is entirely determined by ability to
> access revenue streams, then not a one of the current ec should be in
> charge. we should host nfl/ceda/ada/ndt/toc/ncfl/universes, use the intense
> profit generated from hosting other peoples nationals and hire our selves a
> top notch revenue stream accessing maven
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