[eDebate] High School Debate Class Syllabus (esp California)

Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Fri May 8 11:37:30 CDT 2009

Hi Blake (and other interested parties) - 


The NDCA has a fantastic database for all sorts of materials for debate coaches...lesson plans, syllabi, permission form templates, etc.  I don't think we have any specific from California, but we may have some that are helpful.


We *just* redid our website and we are in the process of reposting a lot of our curriculum materials.   You can certainly visit it today, but with the TOC now over, I intend on getting much more of our materials up over the course of the weekend.  I will start with the sample syllabi.


Specifically, if anyone is interested, I will be uploading a "Current Event" unit  this weekend that I just completed on Poverty.  It is not tied to debate but is a good curriculum to get the kids excited and engaged (hopefully) on next year's topic and give them some good foundation material


heep://www.debatecoaches.org - tab at top for resources for all of our curriculum material.


Blake, if folks send you things in backchannel, can you forward them to me to post on the website?  As many materials as we have to "beg, borrow, and steal" from, the better.  :)


Tara Tate

NDCA Executive Board member

Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 17:35:35 -0700
From: blakejohnson at urbandebate.org
To: edebate at www.ndtceda.com
Subject: [eDebate] High School Debate Class Syllabus (esp California)

Hello friends, 

I'm currently trying to get debate classes in Oakland and San Francisco high schools recognized as Cal A-G Courses.  Being relatively new to syllabus construction, I'm wondering if any of you have a model that I might be able to take a look at.  

I'm particularly interested in seeing any and all syllabi from California high schools and especially those that are already recognized by the UC System.  

Thanks in advance. 

Blake Johnson
Executive Director
Bay Area Urban Debate League

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