[eDebate] A2 CHIEF RE: New Events

Darren Elliott delliott
Sat May 9 01:10:29 CDT 2009

When, in my opinion, the majority of people who run programs believe CEDA officers should be tied to the academy, be able to work within the academy to promote debate amongst those who matter (read Administrators, Tenure Committees, etc), and that they should probably hold advanced degrees and exist as both coaches and faculty of some sort, my arguments are actually proof positive that the CEDA President should not exist as a full time fundraiser.  And I would imagine such political platforms with that being the main strategy will continue to be non-starters.  So not a try at a cheap shot, just a glowing reality.  

Good luck with that PhD.  


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Thank you for feeding the argument for why the CEDA President should be someone who makes it their full time job because we college faculty don't have the time to do the nonprofit type fundraising.  

Oh wait -- that was part of Andy's platform when he was running... right?

Nice try at a cheap shot.  FAIL.

is outta here and off to get a PhD.

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