[eDebate] Standards for Evidence/Skarb

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon May 11 20:37:08 CDT 2009

Here is my problem,,, this evidence would be "spot on""on fire""round
winning" world rocking stuff if skustin jarb wrote it, if justin skarb or
justin timberlake wrote it we would be all up in arms...you are right it
would "slip by" ...and it would be well into the summer before we realized
it was bad and then debated about it...i don't know how many times i have
read the article that an "awsome card" comes from and wondered if the person
is litterate...what if justin didnt include his name and the pseudenym wrote

one time i wrote a piece of evidence on a geocities page, it was a letter
from some one in the military who had a non existent rank...he said that
there was a secret treaty between the us military and the greys regarding
the use of alien technology in vietnam and that it wuld be exposed if the us
cleaned up the agent orange...the agent orange was really defoliating to
cover up the alien presence...i believe it included the line in the 60's the
vc double crossed the greys...the impact was that if the use of their tech
got exposed the greys would destroy the know universe...then i included an
excerpt of the treaty ...did i ever use it in a round...no but not because
it wasn't ethical to do so, but because it was just bad...this didnt mean GW
didnt run it at districts afer i posted the link..

the point is that we should have a higher bs detection system so that people
can't get away with this, more rigorous standards of warrent and evidence
evaluation would solve the need for any ethical system which only exists
because it doesnt...im sure justins collegues are deliberating internally
about how this makes them feel about him, and perhaps that is the stuff of
ethics,but on the level we are having this conversation ethcis seem more
like a community code...which would only drive the un ethical folks to just
use the psuedonym on the web page somewhere...which could be happening at
any moment, btw...any thing that is a great card from an obscure writter
could be fake...it would take about twenty bucks to register and create two
sites where a policy maker has worked to entirely fake them...
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