[eDebate] Standards for Evidence/Skarb

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue May 12 00:04:03 CDT 2009

I Don't think justin is unethical, cheating, or any other such thing...next
time i see him i may be like man those where some bad cards...f those people
who call you a cheater, but man those are some awful cards...

but here is a question, in a different scenario...say "mario savio" wrote
the exact same text that was in this article, a coach found the article two
days before the TOC. They read it and know two things...there are some
"great cards" and this article has no warrents and no citations...are they
unethical if they cut the good card out of the bad article? are they
unethical if they don't tell the rest of the community about the good card
in the bad article?

No...say most people i imagine...thats different AT LEAST IT WAS NOT
PREPARED JUST FOR DEBATE...but in a sense it was...it is the cards not the
article that are for debate, this article would have less credibility of the
whole thing where printed out with the cards...but when its not who wrote
the original article is largely irrelevant, because the original articles is
substaintialy modified to win debates...to me if justin is unethical so is
everyone who cuts good cards out of articles they know are bad...
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