[eDebate] Skarb - and how is this even a debate??

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue May 12 14:12:55 CDT 2009

Why is there even a debate?

Great Question. The answer is deeper than people think within this  
community. The reason why there is a debate is because many within  
this insular community a flat out delusional. They are nutjobs. Notice  
that the one's defending such shit as people fabricating evidence are  
not people with Ph.D.'s. Some i do not think even have degrees or  
academic positions. Why does this matter they will ask?

It matters because unless you have actually done the work necessary to  
obtain a Ph.D., or to get published in a peer review journal, you  
really don't know what you are talking about when it comes to  
scholarship. It is a sad freaking day when I am in agreement with  
Jason Russell. But there is a reason why--because he too knows what  
constitutes real scholarship, and what is shit. We also know  
fabrication of evidence in order to secure a win at the TOC when we  
see it. People trying to rationalize such behavior do a disservice to  
the field of academic debate and they do a disservice to their teams.

The circumstances that have been relayed to me indicates that somebody  
fabricated evidence in order to secures some wins at the TOC. I   
wonder if Skarb is the real author...becuase I find it hard to believe  
that an adult coach with more than half a brain would do so. But,  
assuming it is true, there is no debate.

Sanchez, JT, Ellis and every other yahoo trying to rationalize such  
shit are just doing that...rationalizing.

Actions like Skarb/whoever wrote the article sets a horrible precedent  
and should be punished by the respective organizations. Handling it as  
an "internal matter" is not enough. Under the new CEDA Rules regarding  
professional responsibility, such fabrication at a CEDA sanctioned  
tournament would/should result in that coach be sanctioned, up to and  
including teams that he coaches not receiving CEDA points.

Leaving it up to teams to argue it out in rounds is NOT a solution.  
Why? Because the circumstances of this case prove the point...it  
happens too quickly for students to adapt, the abuse may take weeks to  
figure out, and the damage has already been done. If this evidence was  
used in a round at the TOC...is there any way for a "do over?"


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